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Jewish Resistance to Zionism

Free Derry/Free Gaza

Prophets Outcast and Wrestling with Zion are the products of a specific historical moment.  They carry with them a sense of urgency as they respond to the particular political circumstances that evolved following the eruption of the second intifada.  While they do not explicitly say so, one of the major objectives of both compilations is to counter a potent political weapon that has been utilized consistently over the past five years to silence criticism of Israel, namely, the claim that any condemnation of Israel amounts to anti-Semitism.  Yet, unlike Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Claire’s book, The Politics of Anti-Semitism (AK Press, 2003), which challenges this malicious weapon head on, the editors of Prophets Outcast and Wrestling with Zion adopt a different, more subtle and richer strategy that allows them simultaneously to take part in the political and ideologicalal fray that developed after the outbreak of the al-Aqsa intifada and to transcend it.  (Gordon, 103)


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