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Derrida on the Turn(Trick)/Trick(Turn) of Writing

Of Grammatology

Jacques Derrida (1930-2004), in his seminal work Of Grammatology wrote:

Language is a structure-a system of oppositions of places and values-and an oriented structure.  Let us rather say, only half in jest, that its orientation is a disorientation.  One will be able to call it a polarization.  Orientation gives direction to movement by relating it to its origin as to its dawning.  And it is starting from the light of origin that one thinks of the West, the end and the fall, cadence or check, death or night.  According to Rousseau, who appropriates here a most banal opposition from the seventeenth century, language turns, so to speak, as the earth turns.  Here neither the orient nor the occident is privileged.  The references are to the extremities of the axis around which the globe turns (polos, polein) and which is called the rational axis: The South Pole and the North Pole. (Derrida, 216)


Derrida, Jacques.  Of Grammatology.  Trans. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.  Baltimore, Maryland: John Hopkins University Press, 1997.


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